ATTEN ADS 1102CML Digital Storage Oscilloscope



ATTEN ADS 1102CML Digital Storage Oscilloscope
1.500Msa/ s & 1Gsa/ s Sampling Rate
2.2 Channels
3.7’ ’ Widescreen LCD Color Display
4.8x18 div time window
5.USB Host/ Device: Support USB Printer and USB Flash Drive
6.PictBridge Software
7.12 Language
8.Screen saver function

1.Industial Power Design, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance
2.Electronics Design, Troubleshooting, Installation, and Maintenance
3.Circuit Design & Debug
4.Educational Lab & Training Institutions
5.Repair & Service
6.Production Test & Quality Inspection
Technical Characteristic
1. The highest Single real-time sampling rate can up to 1Gsa/ s; Equivalent sampling rate is up to 50Gsa/ s
2. Memory Depth: CML Series: 2Mpts, realized via special data recorder
3. Max recording length: 6Mpts, realized via special data recorder
4. Trigger types: Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope, Alternative
5. Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function
6. No loss of bandwidth when using CH2 and long memory at the same time
7. Support Pass/ Fail function
8. Thirty two parameters Auto measure function
9. Save/ recall types: Setups.Waveforms, CSV file, Picture
10. Waveform Indensity and Grid Brightness can be adjusted
11. User Inerface in 12 Languages
12. Standard Configuration Port
USB Host: Support USB flash driver save/ recall function and update firmware; 
USB Device: Support PictBridge compatible printer and support PC remote control; RS232, Pass/ Fail output.

Input Coupling: AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance: 
DC: 1M? + / -2% | | 17pF + / -3pF
AC: 1.2M? + / -2% | | 17pF + / -3pF, 100mV/ div
Maximum Input Voltage : ± 400V PK-PK CATI
Ch to Ch Isolation ( Both channels in same V/ div setting) 
> 100: 1 at 100MHz ( ADS1202CML) , > 100: 1 at 70MHz ( ADS1152CAL/ CML) 
> 100: 1 at 50MHz ( ADS1102CAL/ CML) , > 100: 1 at 30MHz ( ADS1062CAL/ CML) 
> 100: 1 at 20MHz ( ADS1042CML) 
Probe attenuator: 1X, 10X
Probe attenuator: 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X

Horizontal System
Real Time Sampling Rate: 
Single Channel 1GSa/ s; Double Channels 1GSa/ s ( ADS1202CML) 
Single Channel 1GSa/ s; Double Channels 500MSa/ s ( ADS1000CAL/ CML Series) 
Single Channel 500MSa/ S; Double Channels 250MSa/ s ( ADS1022CL+ / ADS1202CL+ ) 
Equivalent Sampling Rate : 50GSa/ s
Measure Display Modes: MAIN, WINDOW, WINDOW ZOOM, Scan, X-Y
Timebase Accuracy : ± 100ppm measured over 10ms interval
Time Window : 18 Divisions
Horizontal Scan Range : ADS1202CML/ CL+ ADS1152CAL/ CML ADS1102CAL/ CML ADS1062CAL/ CML ADS1042CML ADS1022CL+ 
2.5ns/ div -50s/ div 5 ns/ div - 50s/ div 10 ns/ div -50s/ div 2.5ns/ div -50s/ div
Scan: 100ms/ div -50s/ div ( 1-2.5-5 sequence) 

Model : 1102CML
Bandwidth : 100Mhz
Sampling Rate : 1Gsa/ s
Equvalent : 50Gsa/ s
Memory : Single Channel: 2Mpts; Double Channel: 1Mpts
Rise Time : < 3.5ns
Input Impedance : 1M Ohm | | 17pf
Sec/ div Range : 2.5ns/ div-50s/ div
Scan : 100ms-50s/ div
Display : 7” LCD Color( 480* 234)

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