ATTEN AT-H501 Handheld Scope Meter



ATTEN AT-H501 Handheld Scope Meter
AT-H501 Five-in-One Handheld Tester
25MHz digital storage oscilloscope.
6 1/ 2 Auto-range digital multimeter
DDS function generator: : 10Hz~ 156kHz
Frequency/ duty ratio test: 60MHz
156kHz auto-range inductance test
Capacitance measurement range up to 66000uF
60Mohm resistance test ( LCR)
Remote constrol/ crystal oscillator test
AT-H510 is unique all-in – one multifunction test instrument comprise of 25MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope, 6000 count high precision Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, 60Mohm LCR Meter and frequency counter.It has a large 3.8’ ’ .320* 240 pixels LCD High Density Back-Lit Graphical display.Convenient and agile auto measure functions, with all measurement parameters adjustable.
In multimeter mode, both alternative current and voltage can be tested with one single probe input.No need to change probes.One single key-press can directly show the waveform of the signal.Capacitance measurement range up to 66000ug, and the measurement takes only a few seconds.Function signal output available, ranging from 10Hz to 156kHz.Real-time waveform is displayed simultaneously.Interturn short-circuit test available.High frequency test designed for small inductance.
It’ s a compact and hand held size with re-chargeable battery makes it your ideal companion for the ideal for on-field operation.Measuring and testing just became easier and more affordable than ever.
Panel calibration technology.
Calibrated data were stored in the memory, providing more accurate outcome.
Alternative voltage bandwidth up to 20kHz
Max voltage range: 2000V.waveform can be viewed simultaneously using key press
Peak-detect and peak hold function in voltage measurement, The max value, min value and current value are showed in the same screen.
Oscilloscope mode can measure parameters include Vp-p, + Vp.Hz, T, DV, Dt
DSO features: Auto measurement, auto display and auto zero calibration, Save/ recall, can store upto 40 waveforms
Multimeter: 200DMM data; up to 200groups of data can be automatically recored.Convenient for IC in-circuit test.
Function generator can generate Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square wave 200us/ 400us square wave can be utilized to test the ringing signal of interturn short-circuit.
Display: 3.8” , 320* 240, LED back-lit, contrast adjustable
Built-in 1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery and AC charger
USB interface and upper-computer software provided
Battery life: 5-6 hours
External 10/ 1A switching power supply
Specification Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Sampling rate: 100M sample/ Sec( Single Ch)
Bandwidth: DC~ 25MHz( X10 Probe) DC~ 6MHz( X1 Probe)
Mode: Nomal, TV, Single Trig, Norm-Amplitude/ Time Base, TV-TV-V, Sync
Input: DC, AC
Input Impedande: 1Mohm/ 20pF
Probe: X, X10
Probe Select: X, X10, X100
Max Input Volt: 300V p-p
A/ D Converter: 8-bit
Readout: Positive Peak, Negative Peak, Peak-Peak, Frequency, Duty Cycle, True RMS
Vertical sensitivity: 20mV/ div to 500V/ div in 1.2.5 Steps
Sweep rate: 10ns/ div to 1s/ div
Waveform Interpolation: ( Sinx) / x
Waveform storage: 40sets
Graphical Digital Multimeter & LCR
Maximum Counts: 6600 counts
Auto Range AC/ DCV: 6V/ 60V/ 600V
Manual range AC/ DCV: 600mV/ 6V/ 60V/ 600V
Frequency response: 40Hz to 50kHz( 6V to 100V)
Auto Range AC/ DCA: 60mA/ 600mA and 10A( with Adaptor)
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 5kHz
Graphical DMM Mode
ACV: 40Hz to 50kHz( Auto Range)
ACA: 40Hz to 20kHz
Resistance: 600/ 6k/ 60k/ 600k/ 6M/ 60Mohm
Capacitance: 6n/ 60n/ 600n/ 6u/ 60u/ 600u/ 6m/ 60mF
Capacitance: < 1.2 Sec( @ 6000uF)
Inductance: 10u/ 100u/ 1m/ 10m/ 100m/ 2H
Resolution: 0.1uH
Frequency: 10Hz to 60MHz( 500V rms)
Duty Cycle: 10% to 94.9%
Optional Accessories
Cell phone service accessories( including 2.4G frequency counter, power supply, etc.Signal field intensity test and other tests can be performed.)
Household appliances service accessories( color TV signal generator and color display signal generator) High voltage/ big current test accessories( High voltage probe, clamp)

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