ATTEN AT5010 Spectrum Analyzer 150 KHz to 1GHz



AT5000 series spectrum analyzer will exceed 1Ghz(0.15~1050MHz) have the glancing or fine adjust center frequency with the 100KHz/grid~100MHz/grid span select, compose the simple frequency-domain. One 4 and 1/2 bit LED display can be selected for the center frequency and marking frequency reading.AT5011+have a tracking generator, this instrument can be used to the pre-research testing. can detect the mobile phone¡¯s RF circuit¡¯s native signal, intermediate frequency, radiation signal etc. the spectrum analyzer is used to examine and repaired that mobile phone can¡¯t going the web, very conveniently and exactly.





·  Frequency Range: 150KHz to 1050MHz

·  4½ Digit Display : Centre & Marker Frequency

·  0.1MHz Resolution

·  Amplitude Range : -100dBm to +13dBm

·  Filters : 20KHz, 250KHz & Video Filter

·  Output Power : +1dBm to -50dBm (50 ohms)

·  Built-in Tracking Generator : 0.15MHz to 1050MHz (Only for Model AT5011+)





Frequency range:

150 KHz to 1050MHz (-3dB).

Center Frequency


Resolution of frequency display:

Resolution 100KHz, ( 4 ½ digit )

Marker Accuracy

0.1% Span +100KHz

Frequency Stability (Drift)

<150 KHz / hr

Frequency Span

Zero span 0Hz/div, and 100 KHz/div to 100MHz/div in 1-2-5 sequence.



RBW (-3dB)

Resolution 20 KHz & 250KHz

Video Bandwidth, VBW

400 KHz

Sweep Time (Fixed)




Amplitude Range

-100dBm to +13dBm

Screen Display Range

80dB (10dB/div)., 8 div

Reference Level

-27dBm to +13dBm (in 10dB steps), -27,-17,-7,+3 and +13dBm

Accuracy (Ref. Level)


Average Noise Level

-103dBm (25 0KHz RBW)

Frequency Response(Relative to 250MHz,

ATTN 10dB)


Intermodulation (3rd order) (Spurious Response)

<-75dBc (2 signals, -27dBm each, Freq. Distance >3MHz)

Harmonic Distortion (2nd, 3rd):


Absolute Amplitude Accuracy




Input Impedance

50 ohms

Input Connector


Input Attenuator

0 to 40 dB (4 x 10 dB steps)

Input Attenuator Accuracy

±2dB / 10dB step

Max. Input Level

: +10dBm, (0dB attenuation), DC : ±25V




AT5011+ Tracking Generator Specifications

Output Frequency Range : 150KHz to 1050MHz.

Output Power Level : -50dBm to +1dBm (in 10dB steps & Variable).

Output Attenuator : 0 to 40 dB (4 x 10 dB steps).

Output Attenuator Accuracy : ±1dB.

Output Flatness (150KHz to 1050MHz) : ±1.5dB.

Spurious Outputs: Harmonic Spurs & Non harmonic Spurs( RFI): <20dBc.

Output Impedance : 50 ohms (BNC female).

Package Includes:


·  1 x AT5010 Spectrum Analyzer

·  Original Package

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