ATTEN AT5030 Spectrum Analyzer



ATTEN AT5030 Spectrum Analyzer
1.satellite receiver system communication system phone base station system field strength measurements of radiation
AT5030 Spectrum Analyzer is a low cost, high performance digital synthesized and frequency-scanning and super heterodyne RF measurement instrument with frequency upto 3 GHz. These advanced features tunes within the frequency range by electro scanning and the frequency ponderance of its spectrum will be sampled according to the time. Therefore, the scanning and tuning spectrum analyzer can display the cycle signal and random signal.

In AT5030, there are kinescope and separately-packaged equipment, which are exported. AT5030 can test the signal with the range 0.15 ~ 3000MHz. And the center frequency can be adjusted through slightly tuning and roughly, which can form a sample measurement of frequency, with 100KHz/ case ~ 100MHz/ case added. A 4-and-half digits display can be chosen as center frequency or marked frequency reading.

The Spectrum Analyzer AT5030 can carry out good inspection of the faults of cable system and wireless system including remote control, cordless phones, cable TV and communication equipments, as well as good comparison and analysis of frequency of signals.

Compact and Easy to be carry
Frequency range : 0.15~ 3000MHz ( detailed ranges: 0.15 1000 MHz; 1000MHz 2000MHz; 2000MHz 3000MHz) 
4 and half Digital display ( center frequency, 0.1MHz resolvability) 
-100~ + 13dbm amplitude range, 20KHz, 400KHz
4 KHz video filter.
Excellent Noise floor performance

Test cable TV levels and frequency response
Educational Training Institutions
Test master antenna TV systems
Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation
Locate sources of EMI
Measure unwanted RF radiation

Technical Specifications
Frequency range: 0.15 3000MHz( detailes ranges: 0.15 1000MHz; 1000MHz 2000MHz; 2000MHz 3000MHz) 
Display accuracy of center frequency: ± 2% x spectrum width + 5 x 10-3* center frequency 100KHz
Mark accuracy: ± 0.1% frequency width + 100KHz
Frequency display resolution: 100KHz( 4 and a half LED) 
Scanning-frequency width: 100KHz/ case~ 100MHz/ case and level1.2.5.0Hz/ case( 0 scanning) 
Accuracy : ± 10% 
Frequency stability: better than 150KHz/ h
Middle-frequency( -3dB) : 20KHz; 400KHz, video filter( pass) ; 4KHz
Scanning Velocity: 43Hz

Range -100~ + 13dBm
Screen display range: 80dB( 10dB/ case) 
Reference level of electricity: -27dBm~ + 13dBm
Average noise level of electricity: -90dBm( bandwidth 20KHz) 
Tortiontwice , three times wave< -55dBc
Sensitivity : better than 90dBm
Real Scale: ± 2dB

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