ATTEN AT7328 Analog Oscilloscope



ATTEN AT7328 Analog Oscilloscope
AT7328 Introduction: 
• CRT with Bright high accelerated pole voltage
• This oscilloscope tube is of fast speed and high light.Votlage of accelerated pole up to 2kv, able to indicate clear traceseven under
• High-speed sweep.
• Two waveforms in different frequency can be observed via alternative trigger function.
• TV signal synchronous function
• Ch1 output
• Z-axis input
Function of bright adjustable can add frequency or time marker to oscilloscope, trace of positive signal blanking, TTLmatching.
• X-Y operation
This item can be used as an X-Y oscilloscope while setting in X-Y position, CH1 is horizontal axial and CH2 is vertical axial.

1) Vertical System
Sensitivity 5mV~ 5V/ div, 10 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Sensitivity Accuracy d3% ( x5 MAG: d5% ) 
Vernier vertical Sensitivity To 1/ 2.5 or less of panel-indicated value
Frequency Bandwidth DC~ 20MHz( x5 MAG: DC~ 7MHz) AC Coupling: < 10Hz
Rise Time Approx: 17.5ns( x5 MAG: 50ns) 
Input Impedance Approx: 1M© / 25pF
Square wave Overshoot: d5% ( At 10mV/ div range) 
Charecteristics Other distortions and other ranges: 5% added to the above value.
DC Balance Shift 5mV~ 5V/ div: ± 0.5DIV, 1mV~ 2Mv/ DIV ± 2.0DIV
Linearity 50: 1( @ 50KHz sine wave) 
Isolation between channels( At 5mv/ DIV range) > 1000: 1 at 50kHz ; > 30: 1 at 20MHz
2) Vertical System
CH1 Signal Output Min. 20mV/ DC ( 50© output bandwidth 50Hz~ 5MHz) 
CH2 INV BAL Balance variance ratiod1DIV
3) Triggering
Triggering Soure CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT
Coupling AC: 2MHz~ 20MHz: 1.5DIV
Slope: + / -
4) Horizontal System
Trigger signal Input Impedance Max Input Voltage: Approx 1M© / 25pF 300V( DC+ AC peak) AC not exceed 1KHz
Sweep time: 0.2uSec 0.5Sec/ DIV, 20 steps in 1-2-5 sepuence
Sweep time: Accuracy ± 3% 
Vernier sweep time control: d1/ 2.5 of panel-indicated value
Sweep magnification: 10 times
x10MAG Sweep time accuracy: ± 5% , ( 20nSec~ 50nSec are uncalibrated) 
Linearity ± 3% , x10MAG: ± 5% ( 20ns and 50ns are uncalibrated) 
Position by x10MAG Within 2DIV. at CRT screen center
5) X-Y Mode
Sensibility Same as Vertical axis
BandwidthDC~ 500KHz
X-Y Phase difference= 3( within DC50kHz) 
6) Z Axis
Sensibility: 5Vp-p
Bandwidth: DC~ 2MHz
Input impedance: Apporx. 47k© 
Max input voltage: 30V
7) Calibration Signal
Waveform: Squaer wave
Frequency: Approx 1KHz
Duty Ratio: 48: 52
Output voltage 2Vp-p± 2% 
Output impedance: Approx 1k© 
8) CRT
Type 6in, Rectangle, Inside graduaton
Phosphor P31
Acceleration Voltage Approx 2kV 200MHz
Effective Screen Size 8x10DIV( 1 DIV= 10mm( 0.39in) ) 
Graticule Internal
Trace rotation provided
9) Power requirement
Voltage: Fixed AC220V± 10% or 110/ 220V± 10% selectable
Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Power conseumption: Approx.40VA, 35W( max) 
10) Operating Ambient
Indoor, 2000m elevation
Ambient temperature: 10° C~ 35° C
Max operating range: 0° C~ 40° C
Humidity: 85% RH , dry
Size: 310x150x455( mm) 
Weight: approx.8Kg
Storage temperature: -10° C~ 70° C

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