ATTEN PPS 3203T-3S programmable power supply



Quick Overview

The ATTEN PPS3205T-3S is the 0~3Amp version


The PPS Programmable is a economically prices, hi performance power supply It is a 3-channel, 96 or 158W, programmable linear DC power supply. Inbuilt protection features like OVP, OCP, and OTP protect the power supply and the attached load from unexpected voltage fluctuation.


It has a clear LCD panel with simultaneous output/parameter view for better reading of the output and programming.


The versatile PPS -Series is ideal for applications requiring high resolution, multiple output, and automated operation such as in production testing and rack mounting system.


Product Description


    • Full digital programmable interface 


    • High resolution 10mV , 1mA 


    • Compact and lightweight package


    • Alterable display mode 


    • Intelligent window interface 


    • Facilitate user operation 


    • Support multiple immediate buttons 


    • Automatic parallel function 


    • High stability, low drift 


    • Over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection 


    • Intelligent fan control (Change with the output power) 


    • Buzzer built as a warning alerts 100 groups setting storage 


    • Standard Interface:RS-232 


  • ptions interface: GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

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