Anemometer PCE-FWS 20



PCE-FWS 20 Anemometer with touch screen
has 5 sensors and a mast (for wind direction, wind speed, temperature, relative humidity and Rainfall), alarm, USB port and software

The PCE-FWS 20 Anemometer is a multi-functional device that will exceed your expectations. This meteorological station is for private and professional use. This Anemometer allows the accurate detection of wind direction, wind speed, temperature relative humidity and precipitation. This represents only a small part of the device functions. Furthermore, the meteorological station has different alarm functions for the available parameters. The meteorological data can be sent by radio to the base unit from a distance up to 100 meters. This device is equipped with the latest technology used in meteorological analysis. The touch screen allows to recall data onto the screen easily. The USB port and the cable which is included, allows to transmit data from the device to a computer. Data can be date and time stamped to ensure that it can be analysed effectively long after being collected. Software for analysing data is included, which enables you to analyse and check meteorological fluctuations, presenting data in graphs and diagrams for measurements over prolonged periods of time. Everything is included with the device so it is ready to be used straight out of the box.


Technical specifications


Measurement ranges

Operating temperature: 0 ... +60 °C

Humidity: 1 ... 99 %

Atmospheric pressure: 919 ... 1,080 hPa


Air temperature: 0,1 °C

Humidity: 1 %

Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 / 1.5 hPa

Radio control data update

48 seconds

Alarm duration

120 seconds


Measurement range

Operating temperature: -40 ... +65 °C

Humidity: 1 ... 99 %

Rain fall: 0 ... 9,999 mm

Wind speed: 0 ... 180 km/h

Indication of the wind direction


Air temperature: 0.1 °C

Humidity: 1 %

Rainfall: 0.1mm (volume <1,000mm) / 1mm (volume >1,000mm)

Radio transmission data updated

48 seconds

Radio transmission range

up to 100m in the open air




Delivery contents

1 x Display with touch screen (3 x 1.5v batteries)
1 x temperature sensor with a support 
1 x solar unit (2 x 1.5v rechargeable batteries)
1 x humidity sensor with a support 
1 x rainfall sensor with a support 
1 x air velocity sensor with a support
1 x wind direction sensor with a support 
1 x vertical mast
1 x USB cable 
1 x analysis software

Display unit dimensions 230mm x 150mm

External Sensors dimensions 660mm x 540mm 


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