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The New Silva ADC summit features a waterproof housing, a large clear LCD screen with full graphic information and graphs and LCD illumination. The Silva ADC summit precisely measures, wind speed ( current, max and average) , temperature ( current, windchill and min windchill) along with having a clock, with date and an alarm and a cronograph with race timer. In addition the Silva ADC summit has a built in altimater/ barometer offering ( current, max, min) , weather forecast and data log memory ( 1984 readings) , and it also compatible with the ADC IR ( optional accessory) for infrared communication with your PC via your USB port.


* Waterproof housing
* Graphic LCD for info/ graphs
* Click on attachment
* LCD Illumination
* Clock, date, alarm
* Cronograph, racetimer
* Wind ( current, max, min) 
* Temp ( current, windchill, min wind chill) 
* Altimeter ( current, max, min) 
* Barometer ( current, max, min) 
* Weather Forecast
* Data log memory ( 1984 readings) 
* Infrared communication with PC ( to optional ADR IR) 


* Wind speed Accuracy: + / - 5% 
* Dimensions: 11 x 5.5 x 2cm
* Temperature range: -20 to + 60 degrees C

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