Fluke 317 Clamp meter



The new Fluke 317
Portable, accurate and True RMS Clamp Meter
Unique 40 milli-amps measurement precision
testing functionality

The new Fluke 317 clamp meter is designed
based on detailed research into the specific
requirements of electrical engineers. The small
clamp meter head and lightweight, compact
body make it ideal for use in confined spaces.
The 40A range low current measurement ( 0.01A
resolution) design is unique and allows users to
accurately measure small currents. At the same
time, the clamp meter also has functions such
as accurate, True RMS measurements, maximum/ 
minimum values, zeroing, background
light display, display protection and is a powerful
tool in carrying out daily maintenance and installations.

The unique new features* of the 40 milli-amps
High-precision current measurement--0.01A
High-resolution, 1.6% high-precision measurements. ( many
engineers take small measurements more often than large
current measurements) 
6000 count display
Clamp opening: 37mm
The new clamp head is narrow and the body is compact
and portable, making it ideal for use in confined spaces
Alternating/ current ( AC) / direct current ( DC) testing
Min/ Max ( minimum value / maximum value) feature on
both current and voltage modes
New zeroing feature* - sets the display to zero to perform
( DC) testing
True RMS
Large back light screen, convenient viewing
Screen function to hold measurement results on the
Automatic off function prolongs battery life and ensures the
instrument continued availability.

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