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FREIBERG / FREIBERGER Geologist' s Compass : 
Geologist' s Compasseneral field-geological work
Special structural-geological, deposit-tectonic, and engineering-geological rockmechanical work
Can be used for route surveying, for the survey of natural and artificial openings above and below ground
For staking out and dimensioning holes
For the transfer of geological data into maps and plans
Rockwork as well as moderate-accuracy surveying
Ground magnetic needle placed on edge.
Permanent locking of the magnetic system - can be released during measurement by depressing the push-button and should be used for shortening the setting time
Easy adjustment of the graduated circle - for each measuring technique and for setting declination values of any magnitude
Lockable inclinometer for inclination measurements of high accuracy
Colour coding on circle of altitude and magnetic needle ( according to Clar) - unambiguous determination of the direction of dip of geological formations
Circular spirit level for levelling, lateral glass tube for measurement at points of difficult access
Dip measuring plate
reading of dip angle
protection for the glass cover

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