Perahu Archilles LSI-365



Color     Red/Lt. Gray
Length     12’2″ (365 cm.)
Inside Length     8’10″ (268 cm.)
Beam     5’6″ (168 cm.)
Inside Beam     2’7″ (78 cm.)
Tube Diameter     18″ (45 cm.)
Weight     115 lbs. (52 kg.)
Load Capacity     1,700 lbs. (770 kg.)
Person Capacity     6
Recommended H.P.     15 (4-25) Standard
Maximum H.P.     25 Standard
Air Chambers     4 & Keel & Floor

Our LSI boats were the first inflatable tenders made with Achilles CSM – reinforced high pressure air floors.

The world’s best high-pressure air floor tenders are better than ever thanks to their Performax tube design. Our Performax tube design provides more buoyancy and a greater load capacity essential for today’s heavier 4-stroke motors. This tube design also results in a longer waterline enabling our LSI series dinghies to plane even quicker and stay on plane at slower speeds.

Our LSI series tenders also have Achilles CSM Drop Stitch High Pressure Floors. When you consider the abuse floors take from scrapes, the sun, salt-water and even oil and gasoline, it makes sense to have the toughest material available to protect them-and that is Achilles CSM. So our remarkable AirFirm™ floors are not only incredibly lightweight and rigid, they are also the most durable you will find. Thousands of polyester threads make our air floors super firm.

The additional support of an air keel increases floor rigidity and along with a fiberglass-encased transom** enhances overall performance. With large tube diameters, LSI tenders carry heavy loads despite their light weight. There are six different LSI model sizes to choose from. No other manufacturer’s air floor tenders offer more convenience, more quality or more choices.

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