Planimeter Placom KP90N



Newest Model of "PLACOM" KP-90N have made the excitingly highest attainement in the history of Planimeters ever made. Measuring capacity is remarkably enlarged. Measurement by 6-digit pulse count enables to measure 100 times larger accumulative area than ordinary planimeters. Easy calculations of Cumulative and Mean Value Measurement. Conversion of Unit and Scale value is made by easy operations. "WONDER", it is a most worthy word to be given to this "PLACOM" KP-90N. Standard Accessories included: Supplied AC Adapter and Plastic Case.


Type: Roller type with computing function.

Display: Liquid Crystal, 8 digit Figures, 10 Symbols.

Symbol: Batt-E, SCALE, MEMO, HOLD, cm²,m², km², in², ft², acre.

Converting Function: Unit and Scale Value. Accumulated Measuring

Value: Maximum 1m² ( scale 1:1).

Measuring Range:

Maximum vartical width: 325mm;

Horizontal roller rotating length: 30m.

Accuracy: Within ± 0.2% (within ± 2/1,000 pulses).

Power Supply: Built-in NiCd Storage Batte

ry (rechargeable through AC Adapter; AC100V 120V, 220V and 240V, (using the supplied AC Adapter) (Provided with auto power-off function).

Operating Duration: Approx. 30 hours of continuous operation.

Battery Charging Time: Approx. 15 hours.

Main Unit Weight: 750g

What's in the Box:

  • Digital Planimeter Placom KP90N
  • Manual book


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