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SILVA SightMaster Compass Code SM360LA Lensatic & SM360PA Prismatic

The type of compass to choose if you depend upon the highest possible accuracy obtainable with a hand held magnetic compass.

Typical users of this type of compass are: engineers, surveyors, geologists, foresters, architects, military forces, marine navigation personnel and others who put extreme accuracy first.

Benefits with the precision sighting compass are: 

· Very easy to read thanks to the open to light- crystal clear scale.

· Rugged construction withstanding tough conditions.

· Several models available with a back - bearing scale.

· Available with battery, or beta-light illumination

How to use the SightMaster

1. Hold the compass close to one of your eyes horizontally in front of you.

2. At the same time as you read the bearing through the compasses lens/ prism you sight above the instrument to the object.

3. Through an optical illusion the indexline will appear to “ stand up” from the compass housing making it easy to very accurately read the bearing towards the object

With the SightMaster it is also possible to make a quick direct reading of the bearing at the lubber line on top of the compass capsule where great accuracy is not essential.

The SILVA SightMaster series are hand - held precision sighting compasses, representing the highest quality in precision, sensitivity and durability. They have friction free sapphire jewel bearings with short setting time for quick and accurate readings. They are available in two different versions featuring different sighting-systems : 

Lensatic and Prismatic

The SightMaster Lensatic is the traditional SightMaster model, featuring an aluminium protected sighting system which withstands the toughest conditions.

The SightMaster Prismatic, combines the traditional SightMaster features with a superbly clear and open to light prismatic sighting system . Thanks to the construction it is extremely easy to obtain accurate reading even in dark conditions.

Sighting System: 

SightMaster Lensatic is equipped with a great parallax free glass lens magnification ( 10x ) sighting system in aluminium housing.

SightMaster Prismatic is equipped with a open light , parallax free prismatic magnification ( 10x ) sighting system, on top of the aluminium housing.

Capsule: Anti static liquid filled for optimal dampening of the compass card.

Compass card: SightMaster Lensatic is equipped with the aluminium compass with precision scale and SightMaster Prismatic is equipped with a transparent compass card with precision scale and both models are equipped with a top scale for direct readings on the top of the capsule at the lubber line. Sapphire jewel bearing for friction free movement of the card allowing fast and accurate readings.

Accuracy: Max + - 0.5° from true magnetic course with precision sighting. Max + -1.0 ° from true magnetic course with direct reading at the lubber line on top of the capsule.

Dimensions and weights: 

LA - models, 75 x 53 x 16 mm. Weight: 110 gm

LMG - models, 80 x 60 x 21 mm. Weight 60 gm
PA - models, 75 x 53 x 16 mm. Weight 120 gm

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