Silva Surveymaster



Silva SurveyMaster, this patented double instrument is a combination of the SightMaster and the ClinoMaster especially well suited for professionals who need to measure vertical angles/heights and compass bearings. Typical users of this kind of instrument are: Surveyors, geologists, speleologists, miners, satellite dish installators, engineers (telecom) etc.

Benefits with the SurveyMaster are:

§  Two instruments in one.

§  Very easy to read thanks to the open to light, crystal-clear scales

§  Can be equipped with any SightMaster and ClinoMaster scale to special order

§  Available with battery, or betalight illumination

§  Quick settling time thanks to the liquid damped scales

§  Extremely accurate

The SurveyMaster is available in two versions, featuring different sighting-systems : Lensatic and Prismatic.

The SurveyMaster Lensatic is the traditional SurveyMaster model featuring an aluminium protected sighting system withstanding the toughest conditions.

The SurveyMaster Prismatic combines the traditional SurveyMaster features with a superbly clear and open to light prismatic sighting system. Thanks to the construction it is extremely easy to obtain accurate readings even in dark conditions.

Misc.: The SurveyMaster can be equipped with any Sight or ClinoMaster scale to special order.

Models available:
73700-0001 SUM 360/360% LA
73700-0041 SUM 360/360% LA/LU


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