The Relaskops are principally known in connection with angle-count sampling ( ACS ) , a method which determines basal area density in forests by a simple counting method.
The Relaskop automatically corrects for any inclination in the line of sight, making it possible to easily find the stand basal area in square meters per hectare either at breast height( 1.3m above the ground) or any other height.

The Relaskop offer quite q few other measurement applications in practical and scientific forestry. This hand-sized tree measuring instrument features multiple capabilities: Rangefinder measures 33' , 66' , 99' or 132' baselines.Clinometer measures plus or minus vertical angles with readings in degrees or percentage. Dendrometer measures tree diameter outside the bark, at any height.Angle Gauge provides direct measures of basal area per acre.Slope Correction Device gives topographic correction when using two chain tape with trailer.Used by foresters since 1954, 

The Relaskop combines six instruments into one. Saves time and money when cruising timber, variable plotting or Three P sampling. Each unit weighs only 14 oz.; furnished complete with leather case and instructions.
American Scale reads In English units ( sq. ft./ acre, inches, feet) for BAF 5, 10, 20 and 40. Also includes a 66' slope correction scale. Ideal for use on trees smaller than 96 " dbh.

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