Thermometer Hygrometer SANFIX TH 308 Indoor and Outdoor



Main Functions :
LCD display of two lines of figures, indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity are clear at a glance.
°C / °F temperature display
Relative degrees of humidity and comfort display
Display highest or lowest temperature and relative humidity, and it can clear and restore the memory of maximum/minimum
It can be hung on the wall or be put on the desk.

Specifications :

Indoor and outdoor temperature measure range : -50°C (-58°F) ~ 70°C (158°F)
Temperature Resolution  : 1.0° (0.2°)
Temperature Accuracy : ± 1.0° for -20° (-4°) to 50° (122°)
Otherwise : ±2.0°C
Humidity Measure Range : 20%RH – 90%RH
( Display between 15%RH – 95%RH )
Humidity Resolution : 1%
Humidity Accuracy : ±5% RH
Power : 1.5V (AAA or 7 battery)

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