Ushikata LS-25 Surveying Compass



Ushikata Surveying Compass
This surveying compass are specifically designed to be very handy and compact. They are used for mountain, forest and land surveying work. Horizontal readings are available with the LS-25 and horizontal circle is provided with unique " O-BAC " device for easy zero-setting. The telescope of LS-25 has a level which includes a reflecting mirror so that the bubble may be easily seen while sighting the telescope. Stadia survey is available with the telescope reticule.
Model LS-25

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Telescope: reversible, erect, 12x

Telescope Level: 5' / 2mm

Horizontal Circle: 5' , " O-BAC " zero setting

Compass Circle Dia: 70mm, 1 degree

Vertical Circle: full circle, 1 degree

Weight 1.3kg ( with case)

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