Digi-Pas DWL-2000XY 2-Axis High Precision Digital Machinist Level



Digi-Pas DWL-2000XY 2-Axis High Precision Digital Machinist Level


Precision levelling and angle measurement/alignment tasks essentially involve surface planes that demand for 2-dimensional solution rather than the outdated single-axis 'bubble' vial method that indicates 'bubble' leveling status 'one axis at a time'.

Digi-Pas® 2-axis precision digital level simultaneous displays of two-dimensional plane angles, effectively simplifying and resolve the hurdles of taking angles 'one axis at a time' iteration (tedious & time consuming task of trial-and-error) experienced when using those outdated single-axis 'bubble' or traditional digital levels to conduct surface plane levelling, tilt angle measurement, surface flatness profiling and precision 2D alignment tasks.



  • Dual Angle Display
  • High Precision Angle Measurement
  • Alternate Zero Setting
  • Absolute Level Setting
  • User Self Calibration
  • USB Link to PC
  • PC Sync Software – Professional Edition (optional)



Measurement Range (Single Axis Mode) :  0.00˚ to ± 90.00˚

Measurement Range (Dual Axis Mode) : 0.00˚ to ± 3.00˚

Resolution : 0.01˚ (175µm/M) (0.002 in/Ft)

Accuracy : ±0.02˚ at 0.00˚ - ±2.00˚ (349 µm/m) (0.004 in/Ft) (72 arcsec); ±0.04˚ at other angles

Repeatability : 0.01˚ (175µm/M) (0.002 in/Ft)

Measurement Speed : ≤3 sec.

Display : Colour TFT LCD

Power Supply : 4 x AAA 1.5V Batteries/USB

Material : PC ABS/Aluminium

Connectivity : USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 meter)

PC SYNC Sodtware : Professional Edition (Optional)

Operating Temperature : -10˚ to +50˚C (Calibrated for the entire temperature range)

Storage Temperature : -20˚ to +60˚C

Dimension (mm) : 188 x 62 x37

Net Weight (Approximate) : 580 gram

User Self Calibration : Yes

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