Earth Resistance Testers SEW 4236 ER


● Microprocessor-controlled.
● Earth resistivity (ρ) test.
● Earth testing at 20Ω, 200Ω, 2kΩ.
● Earth voltage measuring : 0-300V AC.
● Automatic C spike check.
● Automatic P spike check.
● 2-Wire test, 3-Wire test, 4-Wire test.
● LCM display.
● Auto ranging.
● Auto power OFF.
● Data hold.
● 200 measurement results can be saved in the memory
   and recalled on the display.
● Interval between auxiliary earth spikes is 1.0~50.0m.
● Optical USB to RS-232 data transmission.
● The stored data can be transferred to a PC.
● 2 optical LEDs are built-in for data transfer.
 Measuring ranges  Earth Resistance
 0-20Ω / 0-200Ω / 0-2kΩ
 Earth Voltage
 0-300.0V AC
 Earth Resistivity (ρ=2 × π × L × R)
 Accuracy  Earth Resistance  ±2%rdg ± 3dgt
 Earth Voltage  ±2%rdg ± 3dgt
 Earth resistance
 0-20Ω : 0.01Ω
 0-200Ω : 0.1Ω
 0-2kΩ : 1Ω
Measuring system  Earth resistance by constant current
 Inverter 820Hz approx. 2mA
 & humidity
 Operating: 0°C~40°C ≤80% R.H.
 Storage: -10°C~50°C ≤80% R.H.
 Dimensions  250(L) x 190(W) x 110(D)mm
 (battery included)
 Approx. 1430g 
 Power source  1.5V (AA) × 8 
 Safety standards  EN 61010-1 CAT IV 300V
 IEC 61557-1  IEC 61557-5
 EN 61326-1


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