Details table (kit contents: 74 pieces)

Roll-Up Pouch B-712
Alignment Tool D-16-1B
Alignment Tool D-16-2B
Alignment Tool D-16-3B
Alignment Tool D-16-4B
Alignment Tool D-16-5
Precision Screwdriver No.0 D-20     
Precision Screwdriver No.1
Precision Screwdriver 1.2
Precision Screwdriver 1.8
Precision Screwdriver 2.3
Precision Screwdriver 3.0
Stubby Screwdriver 6.0 D-68
Stubby Screwdriver No.2 D-69
Voltage Checker 4.0 D-74-L
Electrician's Slotted Screwdriver 6.0 D-331-100
Electrician's Phillips Screwdriver No.2 D-332-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.00 D-530-75
Phillips Screwdriver No.0 D-540-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.1 D-550-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.2 D-555-100
Slotted Screwdriver 2.5 D-630-75
Slotted Screwdriver 2.5 D-630-100
Slotted Screwdriver 4.0 D-640-100
Slotted Screwdriver 5.0 D-650-100
Slotted Screwdriver 5.5 D-655-100
Nut Driver 5.5mm D-840-5.5
Nut Driver 7mm D-840-7
Soldering Iron Stand H-11
Soldering Iron with Booster H-600
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Hook and Reamer) H-740  
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Knife and Scraper)
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Brush and Fork)
Lead-free Solder HS-363
Desolder Braid HS-380-2.5
File Round K-215         
File Half-Round 
File Crochet 
File Oval 
File Hand 
File Hand (Flat) 
File Knife 
File Triangular 
File Triangular (Flat Leaf) 
File Square 
Miniature Diagonal Cutter N-32
Diagonal Cutter with Stripper N-9-125
Snips N-838
Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter P-15-150
Miniature Long Nose Pliers P-36
Lineman's Pliers P-43-150
Reverse Action Tweezers P-89
Slip Joint Pliers P-211Z-150
Crimping Tool P-704
Spring Hook P-801
Tweezers P-876
Wire Stripper P-968
Flat Wrench 5.5×7mm W-76  
Flat Wrench 8×10mm
Flat Wrench 12×14mm
Hex Wrench 1.27mm W-91      
Hex Wrench 1.5mm
Hex Wrench 1.6mm
Hex Wrench 2.0mm
Hex Wrench 2.4mm
Hex Wrench 3.0mm
Hex Wrench 4.0mm
Adjustable Wrench W-230-150
Clip Light Z-306
Measure Tape Z-341
Steel Rule 150 mm     
Utility Knife     
Screw Case     
Heat Sink  
Weight 5.7 kg
Accessory Tool pallet


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tool set, hand tools, hozan