Radio RIG Motorola GM-3688 UHF/VHF



Specification :

The ruggedly built Motorola GM3688 is ideal for construction, taxi, courier and manufacturing industries. Equipped with superb audio quality, 8-character alphanumeric display, PTT ID function, 64 channels and a wide range of accessories, the GM3688 is made to grow with your fleet. This radio also supports an interface that allows third-party developers to create applications that run on a separate option board to control, modify or expand the functionality of the radio. Available in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Frequency Range: VHF: 136 - 174, UHF: 350 - 527

Memory Channels: 64

Dimensions: 44 x 169 x 118mm

Weight: Approx 1.10kg

Complete WIth : Bracket, Cable Power, Microphone

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