Rion NL-22 Class 1 Noise Analyser



Rion NL-22 Class 1 Noise Analyser


NL-32 Class1 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter The Rion NL-32 is a straightforward integrating logging sound level meter but it gives the user access to useful options. The NL-32 can be deployed with triggerable sound recording for long-term surveys. The NL-32 is also at the heart of the Nuisance Recorder and the terrifically reliable Remote Control and Download System (RCDS). If you need to look at the frequency content of sound during attended measurements (e.g. for hearing protection) there is a real time octave/third octave option. For even greater detail (e.g. to detect tonal noise) a narrow-band FFT option is available.


  • Measures Leq, Lmax, LAmin SEL, up to 5 statistical noise indices (LN) and instantaneous sound pressure level
  • Stores up to 99,999 sets of data (LAeq, LAmax, 5LNs etc)
  • Stores up to 200 hours of 1 second LAeq or 100ms samples
  • The word 'Store' flashes on the screen once a second when the meter is logging data
  • Data stored on to compact flash cards as csv text files which can be read directly by spreadsheet programmes
  • Can be used for long-term monitoring with our extremely practical, cost-effective and reliable outdoor kit.
  • 100 dB linearity range so you will rarely have to adjust the measurement range
  • Pause and back erase function for dealing with extraneous noise
  • Sub-channel enabling choice of a second simultaneous time and/or frequency weighting
  • Excellent backlit LCD display with numeric and bar graph indication of sound level
  • All parameters can be shown simultaneously on one screen, which is really useful for sitework, or each parameter can be shown on separate screens
  • Instantaneous sound pressure level can also be viewed in real time on a 20 second level time graph (this can be really useful when using the back erase function)
  • The NL-32 is IEC 61672 Class 1 compliant
  • The NL-22 is IEC 61672 Class 2 compliant
  • Up to 24 hours operation on one set of four alkaline AA cells
  • Option - Sound Recording NX-22J
  • Option - Remote Control and Download System (RCDS)
  • Option - Real Time Octaves/Third Octaves
  • Option - Narrow Band FFT Analysis
  • Option - Rion NL-22PB1 Software


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